The Main Mandate of the Department is to explore Mineral wealth (Major/Minor Minerals) and Groundwater resources of the J&K UT by various ways which are detailed here under:-

  1. Mineral Exploration (on G4 to G1 Stage)
    • Detailed Geological Mapping and preparation of Geological Maps.
    • Regional Geological Mapping and preparation of Maps
    • Pitting/Trenching to know the sub surface behavior of the Mineral Deposits/seams
    • Sample Collection and chemical analysis to determine them quality of the deposits
    • Sub surface exploration by way of drilling to determine the continuity/sub surface extent (length, width and thickness) besides other geological characteristics of the Deposits
    • Exploratory Mining to work out the Mining feasibility and sub surface characteristics of the deposit under exploration

  2. Groundwater Exploration
    • Geo-hydrological/Hydrological studies
    • Preparation of Ground water inventory for future planning regarding exploration and exploitation of water recourses
    • Exploratory Drilling to determine water potential of an area
    • Ground Water Exploration and development of production dug wells/shallow wells

  3. Engineering Geology/Geotechnical Investigation and Environmental Geology
    • To conduct Geotechnical studies to work out the feasibilities of the sites proposed for construction of Building, Roads, Bridges, Dams, Canals etc.
    • The study of the area affected by Landslides/ Subsidence’s
    • Geotectonic and Seismic Hazard Assessment studies of affected areas as vulnerable area
    • Environmental Geology Studies for various aspects
    • Study of Impact of Mining on the environment in an area affected by the Mining activities being carried out earlier as to be carried out