Activities of Each Wings of the Department

Director, Geology and Mining Office:

It is the Major controlling office from administrative as well as technical point of view. The processing of Mining Leases as well as Prospecting Licenses is also governed by the Director as Major Head of the Department.

Geology Wing:

  • Detailed as well as Reconnaissance, Geological Mapping to explore various minerals in State for feeding mineral based industry of the Union Territory.
  • Geotechnical investigation of major as well minor engineering projects for determining Geotechnical feasibility of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Building etc. besides environmental studies.
  • Ground Water exploration and development of production wells.
  • Sample collection for chemical/mineral testing to determine the quality.
  • Report writing after all probe, assessment and estimation of Quality (Grade) and Quantity (Reserves) of deposit.
  • Approval/checkup of mining plan and feasibility.
  • Verification of mining plan and mining feasibility

Mining Wing:

  • To explore the mineral deposit by way of Exploratory Mining/ Aditing .
  • To work out Mining feasibility.

Mineral Concession:

  • Implementation of Minor Mineral Concession Rule of J&K 1962 now been replaced with SRO-105 dated 31 march 2016 & Mineral Concession Rules 1960 framed under M&M(D&R) Act 1957 (Central Act ).
  • Processing of Mining Lease as well as Prospecting License for Major Minerals.
  • Royalty collection of Major as well as Minor Minerals.

Drilling Wing:

  • Conduct Drilling to explore sub surface mineral wealth.
  • Conduct Drilling to determine the subsurface characteristics of Mining/Rocks to ascertain Geo-technical feasibility of Engineering Projects for construction of Bridges, Roads, Canals, Buildings etc.
  • Exploratory drilling to determine Groundwater potential and development of production wells.


Chemical analysis and testing of samples to determine the Quality of mineral (Grade). It has two posts of Sr. Chemists, 04 Chemist and 08 posts of Technical Assistants. It is established in Jammu as well as in Srinagar (Provincial level).


One of the important wing of the department which has significant role to provide literature like Books, Reports, Periodic Journals to facilitate the author for compilation of the reports. It has subscribed the Journals and Magazines like Journal of Geological Society of India, Drilling today, J&K Government Gazette besides National as well as Local Newspapers etc. like Daily Excelsior and Times of India

Drawing Section:

Cartographic/Drawing of Geological maps/ Sections/Site plans/mine plans prepared by the Geologists/Officer Incharge investigations.

Workshop & Store:

It is also one of the important wings of the department wherein repair and maintenance of the Vehicles/Equipment’s is made. The Records of Consumables as well as non-consumable store items has also been maintained in the store of the department located in the workshop.